Marketing as a service

Luidsprekers Speaks Business

Are you a communications professional working in an exciting but perhaps a tad too hectic workplace? You're juggling multiple projects that have impossible targets and deadlines. Or you're setting up weekly calls to the other end of the world at 17:30. And let’s not forget the tsunami of 'quick wins' that are an absolute nightmare to your calendar management. We've been there too. You've come to the right place. In the trenches. Still are. All is not lost! We’re here to help.

B2B = Booming 2 Booming

Whether you’re working on a trade-fair, product release campaign or an internal project. Strive for maximum impact. We believe that Business 2 Business is really about people to people and it should be exciting, refreshing and interesting. While respecting your brand values together we will deliver booming 2 booming creativity.

We know you're workflow

Working with an agency is exciting, you’re planning on stellar creativity but worry a bit about the project management. You’ve got your milestones to hit. Approval processes, reviews and internal feedback happening, things slow down. Don’t worry. Luidspreker deals with this type of workflow on a daily basis. With an average of 40 projects from international clients the team is managing multiple deadlines a day. With creatives that do projectmanagement. Every kind, including yours.


You can think of every communications project as equally unique. And they are. However, when working closely with a creative agency both parties benefit greatly on working on several projects over an extended period. We’ve set out to disrupt the hourly business model and aim at what we do best; working together. With team spirit and focus on the real value; your end user experience.

We’re here to make both our lives easier. Introducing ‘Marketing-As-A-Service’ - MAAS. A subscription based model that focusses on buying team effort instead of separate projects. Ideal if you’re in the market for a communications manager but not the fte, looking for a one-stop shop or to step-up your marketing collateral with a fresh approach.

Primarily focused on larger communications departments, marketing-as-a-service is a unique proposition if you’re in the market for a creative powerhouse instead of an extra spot on your payroll. Adrie Mooi, Creative Director